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Managing your small or medium-sized manufacturing business just got easier with JobPRO. JobPRO is a job shop management solution designed specifically for make-to-order manufacturers. JobPRO enables you to more efficiently quote and estimate new business, control workflows, and collect the data you need to understand how your business is functioning. JobPRO also integrates with your ERP solution, which allows it to become a value added part to your overall enterprise.

One of the biggest areas a company operates inefficiently is in quoting new business. How do you determine your job cost today? If you are like a lot of manufacturing companies, there is not much science to the process. However, with a solution like JobPRO, you will be able to make data-driven decisions about how to estimate the cost of a new job. Improving this area of your company can have large impacts to the bottom line. If you do not know your input costs (direct labor, direct materials, overhead, others) you are running in open-loop mode with no feedback and little control. Close the loop with JobPRO and strengthen the financial visibility into your business.

When it comes to controlling job workflows, this is another area where many manufacturing companies could improve their process. Lean manufacturing teaches us that there are many sources of waste, and one of them is waste in the work itself. How do you currently track which stage a product is in? How much of that product is in any given stage? Do you have the right amount of sub-assemblies or other goods at the right stage to meet customer demand? Without the right tools, you cannot manage this efficiently. All of this waste can hurt the cash flow of your business by leaving too much product waiting in various stages of completion. JobPRO can help you regain control of your workflows and run a lean organization with strong cash flow.

Why JobPRO’s Job Shop Management Solution

Your manufacturing business needs to run like a well-oiled machine. There is a better way to manage your job costing, workflows, ERP integration, and your shop floor. JobPRO will help you achieve these new levels of efficiency which can lead to a stronger and more financially viable business that is positioned to grow well into the future.

When You Need It?

  • Are your inconsistent lead times (from order to delivery) affecting your delivery date promises?
  • Are you using outdated estimation methods such as Excel, with no integrated job production software?
  • Are the variable production runs, variable BOMs and poor supplier delivery promises playing havoc with your production promises to your clients?
  • Do you have control over your procurement so that the job the drives the procurement – ensuring JIT materials delivery and control?
  • Are your job gross-margins under threat?

What We Deliver?

  • Our JobPRO  job shop management solution is designed specifically for the job shop.
  • Pre-shop-floor process workflow ensures smooth communication between the various departments (i.e. job receiving, stripping, estimation, quote preparation, quote authorization, order acceptance).
  • Rapid estimation is facilitated by ‘Search-&-Import’ on historic quotes, historic jobs and job templates.
  • Job activity assessment is done on the shop-floor allowing machine operations, time estimates and stock enquiries to be integrated with the ERP.
  • Job costing saves job estimates for comparison to job production ‘actuals’.
  • Shop-floor machine and manual operations can be ‘routed’ by the shop-floor foreman and tracked.
  • Operators have access to their job queue and activities (required operations).

How It Benefits You?

  • Job production pre-shop-floor workflow ensures reduced lead time from enquiries to order taking.
  • Procurement driven by the job ensures your material is timeously ordered and suppliers meet required dates.
  • Integrated estimation, quoting with ERP stock integrated facilitates compressing your client lead times.
  • Consistent lead time promises secures your job-shop reputation.
  • Your job-shop production team manage the jobs on a job production software and not on an accounting tool – thus you a have a solution designed for job production engineers.

What Makes Us Unique?

  • Proven record in job production and job-shop solutions.
  • Our software has been designed with the input of and by job production job-shops.
  • jobPRO is focussed on job production job-shops such as machine-shops, fabrication-shops and repair-shops.

If you rather require on-site maintenance and inspection solutions then please have a look at our JobPRO Service Management Solutions.