Complete Manufacturing Workflow Visibility

Designed for the Make-to-Order Manufacturing Job Shops

How can software improve your manufacturing job shop-floor processes?


UniSource designed and developed JobPRO – Job Shop & Service Management Software for the job shop management solution for manufacturing job shops as a result of the frustration of our manufacturer clients, who could not to find a suitable tool for production management. All the solutions available on the market were either too complex, ridiculously unaffordable, or exhibited a clumsy interface – with JobPRO we knew we could lead the way with a solution specifically dedicated and designed for manufacturing Job Shops in the SME space. 

A Job Shop Manufacturing Example

Lets see what a common job shop manufacturing workflow may look like

  • Receiving – Loading Job
  • Stripping – Assessing what needs to be repaired
  • Estimating\Quoting – Quoting Customer
  • Customer Approval – Customer issues authorisation or purchase order
  • Stores Issue – Allocating stock and buyouts to the job and moving the job to work-in-progress.
  • Quality Assurance – Testing and certification of the job.
  • Final Inspection – Inspection list and confirmation all processes have been adhered to
  • Invoicing – Invoice Customer and collection of payment
  • Dispatch – Customer collection or delivery.

Job Shop management solution Challenges

  • Customer demand imposes complexity
  • Difficult to control Production Flow
  • Difficult to ensure consistent pricing
  • High Production Lead Time 

What benefits are there to digitising and integrating your manufacturing job shop process?

  • Tighter inventory control
  • Controlled workflow: from pre-shop floor to shop-floor process flow
  • Visibility of the full process – recording the Order-to-Delivery cycle time
  • Reducing work-Re-runs
  • Tracking Pricing inconsistencies 

Repeatable & Controlled Process

One of the major disadvantages of running a job shop is ensuring that your production process from order-to-delivery and from Invoice-to-cash is a repeatable process whereby your business rules, workflows and pricing are applied consistently to improve productivity. JobPRO’s Job Shop management solution will assist you with getting your job shop to the service levels your customers require.

Job Shop Manufacturing and the JobPRO solution

JobPRO offers your job shop the tools to monitor and view of all your business processes with one holistic view. That brings to you the improved control and ensures the consistency you desire.

Workcentre Tracking & Routing

Tracking – On the shop floor , as the production manager or foreman you need a tool to view the Queue of jobs lined up and receive constant feedback on the Work Centre activities – “is the ‘Turning’ Activity completed?” or  “What is the next Activity on this job’s workflow”?

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