Integrate Your Shop Floor With Your ERP

Designed for the Make-to-Order Manufacturing Job Shops

Shop-Floor Integration

Integrate ERP accounting

JobPRO is a front end solution software(Module) that is run from the job shop manufacturing floor.

This will help with co-ordinate all departments in you manufacturing job shop environment. Integrating your ERP with your shop floor process allow you to track your job without having to go and hunt for the job on the shop floor.

JobPRO is a front end solution, that can be managed from the shop-floor, accounts and sales team.

What are the key benefits of having an integrated solution.

  • Have Control and Visibility of the job throughout the shop-floor
  • Track critical information regarding your jobs – attach drawings and sheq certificates
  • Easily and Quickly generate complex job estimates by simply importing and editing templates from the shop floor
  • Real-time data imports – Pricing and costing, Customers and Suppliers

With JobPRO you can track jobs from receiving all the way through to dispatch all at your finger tips, and from the comfort of your office.

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