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The Right Sized Service Management Solution For Your Company

Prioritize Work Orders

With Scheduled Maintenance you can create and manage unique maintenance schedules per asset type

Reduce Equipment Downtime

Setup and maintain preventative maintenance checklists, enforce business rules

Increase Asset Lifespan

Pull powerful reports on your assets and get valuable insight into operating data and metrics (Cost Per Hour\KM)

Solution Integration

One holistic and seamlessly integrated to your ERP \ Accounting system


Digitize Your Service Operations

JobPRO Scheduled Maintenance Software, provides unmatched flexibility with fully configurable workflows and service management functionality. Easily create unique, maintenance schedules With our plant maintenance software, track the asset life costs as well as revenue and manage unique fulfillments your ERP simply can’t handle.

With our Asset Maanager platform you can reduce costs by as much as 50% and increase productivity by 30%, leading to better customer retention and improved profitability. Bring your asset management operation into the 4th Industrial Revolution.

JobPRO Workflow Management Software

Workflow Management

Create and manage unique workflows for your staff to process and appropriately fulfill services based on region, product, asset usage, and many other conditions. Assign tasks to your technicians and track progress on all current jobs.

Scheduled Maintenance

Leave chaos behind, and streamline your workflows and create pre-defined maintenance schedules per asset and asset type. Handle customer demands quickly and efficiently with our scheduled maintenance software. Manage electronic offline job cards with up-to-date job statuses and job attachments as well as enforce your business rules with electronic checklists and service workflows.

JobPRO Scheduled Maintenance Software


You can easily manage asset and asset types through our maintenance module in JobPRO Service Manager

With JobPRO Service Manager you can easily manage workflows of all your assets

You can create an unlimited amount of templates and link them to work centre categories, giving you filtered drop down of all relevant templates for the selected category

JobPRO is a scalable solution, so we only price on the amount of users. With a small start up fee and subscription module, you will find JobPRO to be a very affordable solution

Yes, JobPRO can integrate with an accounting solution that caters for job costing. JobPRO is a certified ISV Developer for Sage 200 Evolution & Syspro

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Bridging your INFOTECH from shop-floor to your accounting system. JobPRO your front end solution for Complex quoting and job visibility. Our software has been designed for the small to medium enterprise operations in Manufacture-to-order, Engineer-to-order and Repair-to-order. Our software integrates with world renowned ERP platforms. For more information on the solution please contact us.