The Power of Automation


Streamlining Manufacture-to-Order Workshops

In today’s fast-paced manufacturing landscape, efficiency and agility are paramount. For manufacture-to-order workshops, where customization is key, automation can be a game-changer. By leveraging The Power of Automation technologies, workshops can streamline their processes, reduce lead times, minimize errors, and ultimately enhance customer satisfaction. Let’s explore how automation is revolutionizing manufacture-to-order workshops.

1. Demand Forecasting and Order Management:

Automation begins with accurate demand forecasting and efficient order management systems. Advanced reporting can analyze historical data, market trends, and customer preferences to predict demand accurately. Integrated order management systems then streamline the process from order placement to fulfillment, ensuring seamless communication and coordination across departments.

2. Production Planning and Scheduling:

Efficient production planning and scheduling are critical for meeting delivery deadlines and maximizing resource utilization. Using these tools you can view capacity planning of your Artisans, making sure work is spread evenly across the workshop workforce By optimizing production sequences and allocating resources efficiently, workshops can minimize idle time, reduce bottlenecks, and enhance overall productivity.

3. Manufacturing Execution Systems

Manufacturing Execution Systems play a crucial role in automating shop floor operations and ensuring quality control. With JobPRO Manufacturing you can view the status of your jobs from start to finish, create job packs including the job card and all relevant documents attached digitally to the system. With features like automated data collection, process visualization, and performance analytics, JobPRO enables workshops to identify inefficiencies, optimize workflows, and continuously improve operations.

4. Supply Chain Integration:

In manufacture-to-order workshops, supply chain integration is essential for timely procurement of materials and components. Automated supply chain management systems facilitate seamless collaboration with suppliers, enable just-in-time inventory management, and mitigate supply chain risks. By automating procurement workflows, workshops can reduce lead times, lower inventory holding costs, and ensure a steady supply of materials to support production operations.

5. Integration Automation:

The automation journey doesn’t end with product delivery. With a holistic integrated solution you can create seamless and accurate quotes directly from the shop-floor. Retrieving the latest price lists, BOMs and inventory holdings. You will be able to create Purchase orders linked to the job card, seamlessly working with the back office accounting system. With a fully Automated system you will now be able to see cost and profit per job allowing you to tweak your production for maximum efficiency and profitability.

Power of Automation


Automating manufacture-to-order workshops offers numerous benefits, from accelerating product development to improving production efficiency and enhancing customer satisfaction. By embracing automation technologies and integrating them into every aspect of their operations, workshops can stay competitive in today’s dynamic market environment and position themselves for long-term success taking the full potential of The Power of Automation to level up your work Shop.

In a world where customization and agility are paramount, automation is the key to unlocking the full potential of manufacture-to-order workshops. Speak to us for a solution that will bring your workshop into the Fourth Industrial Revolution.