BOMs Import

reduce costly data-entry duplication

Import complex templates at a click of a button. No more adding lines one at a time. Keep staff productivity high with more important items rather than paying them to manually enter data

import previous jobs and quotes

Many Manufacturing Job Shops reproduce the same jobs that have been done in the past, With the ability to import previous jobs or quotes you will speed up your quoting and prodcution times

See Accuracy Soar with Fewer Manual-entry mistakes

Pre-defined BOMs \ Templates are like a recipe, have the wrong ingredients? your soufflé will flop. In manufacturing work shops today you cannot afford to have incorrect items

Faster Response to requests

With importing previous Jobs, quotes or pre-defined templates, you can deliver quotes and estimates faster with accuracy, quickly and easily to your customers

Bill of Materials Import for Manufacturing

Import BOMs from Design to Production in Seconds

JobPRO Manufacturing BOMs\Template Import functionality saves times for Estimators and business owners by removing the manual entry process of building quotes or estimations. You can build and maintain as many templates as you want and link them by the different work centre category’s to allow easier lookups of the required templates.  You can also make changes to your templates once they have been imported to the job card on the fly by quickly adding, editing or removing lines as desired.

Are you reproducing items or jobs frequently? No problem with JobPRO Manufacturing your are able to lookup previous completed jobs and import the exact same items with correct up-to-date pricing. Importing a previous job couldn’t be easier and you can also make additional changes to the imported job

Concerned about inconsistent costing We can help you!

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Bridging your INFOTECH from shop-floor to your accounting system. JobPRO your front end solution for Complex quoting and job visibility. Our software has been designed for the small to medium enterprise operations in Manufacture-to-order, Engineer-to-order and Repair-to-order. Our software integrates with world renowned ERP platforms. For more information on the solution please contact us.