Improve Your Order Processing Turnaround Time

Seamless Order Entry

Shorten the lengthy Order Entry process by Integrated your shop-floor with your accounting solution

Stock levels

Set minimum stock levels and notify procurement of stock shortages. Maintain a healthy inventory without over stocking

Orders Driven By the job

Enforce Just-In-Time methodology with orders driven by the job, creating more cash flow for your business

Manage split orders

Increase your ability to adapt and respond to customer order changes and requests, quickly and efficiently

Deliver More Orders With Less Resources

Order Processing Job Flow Management Software

JobPRO Manufacturing is a Job Time Management software, which comprises of tools to help improve ordering of stock, managing of quotes and estimates and giving you full job visibility on all current and past jobs as well their status on the job floor. Our Job and Time management software helps keep you in budget and meet deadlines set, increasing profitability and customer satisfaction.

For many Manufacturing Job Shops, no two jobs are alike, we can help you automate your order processing with our solution helping you keep your job shop in sync with your accounting department. Improving order entry turnaround time, improving invoicing cycles and creating great customer satisfaction.  With our order processing solution, you will improve your business cash flow as well as monitoring jobs at a click of a button, viewing the job status at anytime, giving you control costings and been able to give the correct feedback to your customers quickly, giving you more time to view your operations at top level. With better insights into your operations you can make decisive decisions, to improve the running of your shop floor. Improving profits. 

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Bridging your INFOTECH from shop-floor to your accounting system. JobPRO your front end solution for Complex quoting and job visibility. Our software has been designed for the small to medium enterprise operations in Manufacture-to-order, Engineer-to-order and Repair-to-order. Our software integrates with world renowned ERP platforms. For more information on the solution please contact us.