Cost Analysis

Actuals vs budget

Compare your actuals VS budgets per job and get valuable insight to where you can reduce costs and improve profitability

Bid competitively

Whilst comparing your actuals VS budgets you can improve your processes reduce cost and price more competitively

robust reporting tool

Get vital reports per job or setup pre-defined reports on jobs per job type and working stock, giving you an overview of costs and profts

Analyze profitability

Get reports scrutinizing your purchase orders and view your customer transaction history and make better decisions going forward

See Profitability Per Job At Any-Time - Cost Analysis

Analyze Your Job Shop Profitability

With JobPRO Manufacturing coupled with an Advanced accounting solution, you will bring a power ERP solution into your operations, giving you powerful insight into cost analysis and profitability of jobs, evaluate working stock (Work In Progress) and maintain correct inventory levels allowing you to boost profits and improve your cash flow, whilst improving the efficiency of your workshop.

All jobs are different and Manufacturing Job Shop operators need the ability to review actuals VS budgets as it is hard to budget on jobs you have never done before or jobs that have different permutations. That’s why with JobPRO’s power costing reporting you will be able to manage your jobs better and make informed decisions on future jobs. Future proof all your estimations with a consistent cost analysis system and watch your cash flow grow.

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Bridging your INFOTECH from shop-floor to your accounting system. JobPRO your front end solution for Complex quoting and job visibility. Our software has been designed for the small to medium enterprise operations in Manufacture-to-order, Engineer-to-order and Repair-to-order. Our software integrates with world renowned ERP platforms. For more information on the solution please contact us.