Quote Processing

Consistent quoting

With an automated ERP system in your Manufacturing Job Shop, you will be able to create complex quotes accurately and consistently

Automated Reminders

Setup email alerts on outstanding quotes notifying you that the quote needs attention or follow-up from the customer

quote turnaround time

Moving away fro Excel and manual job cards and using a highly efficient front end solution to do your quotes, you will be able to send out quotes quickly and be able to track the status.

Accurate costing

With your quoting system been integrated to the accounting software you will have the confidence knowing that all pricing is correct and up to date

Quote To Cash

Delayed Quotes Equal Lost Profits - Improve your quote processing

Responding quickly is the cornerstone of customer satisfaction and increased profitability. With JobPRO Manufacturing quote processing system you will quote accurately and consistently maintain a healthy margin on all out going quotes. JobPRO is seamlessly integrated into your accounting software this ensures you have the correct costing and able to send quotes out timeously. An integrated solution also allows for creating the accepted quotes as job cards in the accounting system, removing the need for double capturing and preventing typo errors.

JobPRO Manufacturing also employs a template system in the software which allows you to quickly and easily import pre-defined BOMS\Templates, previous quotes or previously completed jobs. Allowing you to quote quicker and concentrate or more important day to day operations.

Experiencing Delayed Quotes?

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Bridging your INFOTECH from shop-floor to your accounting system. JobPRO your front end solution for Complex quoting and job visibility. Our software has been designed for the small to medium enterprise operations in Manufacture-to-order, Engineer-to-order and Repair-to-order. Our software integrates with world renowned ERP platforms. For more information on the solution please contact us.