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A consistent challenge for customised service operations is that of managing on-site jobs, technicians and assets. The fact that these jobs are off-site means that the organisation does not necessarily know what is being done by the technician. Are breakdown jobs being prioritised? Are scheduled maintenance services being carried out in agreement with the contract? JobPRO solves these common issues by bringing control and visibility to the chaotic demand of on-site jobs. JobPRO provides service technicians with a centralised service management solution accessible from any device, anytime, anywhere. Technicians can allocate stock item materials, track job expenses and capture critical information – all from a mobile device! All job information is accessible to the back-office ensuring critical integration between departments offering you more visibility on your service technicians’ activities on-site.

Why JobPRO’s Cloud Solution

JobPRO Cloud is a computerised maintenance management system that helps you to save costs and increase revenue as technicians are easily able to allocate stock, buyouts and time on to a job card – ensuring everything gets invoiced! With JobPRO Cloud your operations can also become paperless. With information accessible anywhere, all job information can be retrieved on-site without the need for manual capturing of information on paper. Importantly JobPRO Cloud also allows you to manage your team – from coordinating scheduled maintenance to achieving on-site technician visibility.

When You Need It?

  • Do you know which assets need scheduled maintenance at a client?
  • Are critical breakdowns often not attended to timely because less important jobs are prioritised?
  • Do you have inefficiencies within your on-site technical workforce?
  • Are your technicians capturing information on paper-based systems and having to return to the office for capturing to happen into the back-office system?
  • Do your clients query who authorised the job and then argue payment?

What We Deliver?

  • Our JobPRO Cloud solution is designed specifically for the on-site field services.
  • Create jobs and add stock items, buy-outs and labour hours to the job all whilst on-site.
  • Maintain lists of assets that need maintenance, whether it be a client’s assets or an internal asset.
  • Setup scheduled maintenance based on asset usage or time based – alerting technicians when an asset needs to be maintained as well as what type of service is to be carried out.
  • Maintenance contacts allow you to setup billing schedules based on a pre-agreed contract.
  • JobPRO Cloud is easy to use making it easily adoptable within the technical workforce.

How It Benefits You?

  • Gain visibility into the status of jobs ensuring all costs are billed correctly increasing revenue.
  • Prioritise jobs ensuring breakdowns and critical maintenance are carried out first – increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Integrated estimation, quoting with ERP stock integrated facilitates compressing your client lead times.
  • Have clients sign a digital job card, reducing queries at invoicing time.
  • Back-office integration reduces double capture and ensures all jobs are invoiced.

What Makes Us Unique?

  • A fully cloud based solution ensures the best in new technologies.
  • Our software has been designed by field service operations and job production job-shops.
  • Backed by a team of experts with over 30 years of business solution development.

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