What is a Manufacturing Job Shop?

What is a Manufacturing Job Shop

Understanding the characteristics of a Job Shop

A Manufacturing Job Shop is characterised by its processes which comprises of work-shop tools, machines and work centres. With those functions you will generally have different workflows or job types that assist in different area’s of manufacturing.

With Manufacturing operations the business generally works with small batches or make-to-order or once off products. These special requirements can be fabrication or repair workflows. Basically a Manufacturing Job Shop concentrates on small volume unlike other manufacturing industries that concentrate on lean manufacturing or large volumes of products.

Manufacturing Job Shop

With a Job Shop you can offer niche services to customers which may require different work flows. Products manufactured by the operation may not go in the same direction. An example of this would be a new manufacture or fabrication would start with an enquiry, then move to quote and then production. Whereas a repair item would include stripping and assessing stages as well.

A manufacturing job shop traditionally manufacture parts for other businesses or engineering companies.


The Advantages of a Manufacturing Job Shop

With a manufacturing operation you will have flexibility which means you can prioritse certain operations.

You will be able to adapt to change, make-to-order or once off jobs may need additional work which requires a new route or action.

You have better visibility of your job making their way through your shop-floor processes.

Manufacturing Job Shops require lower investment allocations towards machinery, space and technology

You can have different customisable products that you will be able to take on.

Disadvantages of a Manufacturing Job Shop

Manufacturing job shops are not able to organise their operations efficiently – CHAOS

Not able to schedule work correctlyCapacity planning.

High production lead times, due to the different types of once off jobs or fabrications

In-accurate and complex quoting which leads to inconsistent costing.

How can we turn some of these manufacturing job shop disadvantages into advantages?

A Manufacturing Solution by JobPRO

With a great manufacturing software you can move your work shop operations out of the dark ages and straight into the fourth industrial revolution.

With JobPRO manufacturing you will be able to keep an eye on all active jobs from start to finish with live updates you can view straight from you computer and be able to update your customers timeously.

You can compile complex quotes with ease and up to date pricing from your ERP. Pull in templates\BOMs previous quotes and jobs.

With JobPRO you will be able to manage different workflows from New manufacture to repairs and service maintenance.

With our solution you will be able to make informed snap decisions, give Realtime feedback to your customer.

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