Quote To Cash

Quote to cash

Improve The Quality Of Quotes & Improve Your Cash-Flow

In many Job Shop Manufacturing operations many owners find it difficult to have a consistent quote to cash process. From inconsistent quotes to delayed quotes getting to the customer.

What are the symptoms of these issues of poor performance in the quote to cash process?

Inconsistent Quoting

Make to order and repair to orders businesses are still running manual processes. This can comprise of excel spreadsheets for quoting and creating job cards, the problem with this method is errors can creep in, such as typo’s, broken formulas and general pricing note been up to date.

Delayed Quotes

With a manual quoting process, the struggle many foreman’s and business owners are experiencing delayed quotes getting to customers. How do you get the job when the quote takes time or does not even get to the customer? This has a huge impact on your Quote to cash process and leads to lower profits and may increase your costs because of non-existent job costing methods.

Quote to cash

Automating your Quote to Cash process

With an automated ERP solution you will have confidence that all your out going quotes are consistent and correct. With a tool to load and track all your jobs you can now monitor all jobs from quote to cash, no more lost jobs.

The real power of an ERP is the ability to provide data you need to make smarter decisions that are critical to your business.

Struggling with poor quote to cash processes and more pain in your Manufacturing Job Shop?

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Make smarter decisions with our automated system

With JobPRO Manufacturing you are able to visibly track each and every quote you get for the pre-shop floor process to the shop floor, making sure quotes are sent out timeously and that each quote is follow-up and converted – Improving your cash flow.

With an automated system – Everything gets better

  • People & processes become more efficient
  • Operating costs and rejects go down
  • Meet your delivery dates always
  • Communication improved between departments
  • On profits go up

We can help you achieve consistent job costing and many more area’s which need attention.

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