Manufacturing Job Shop Characteristics

What are the characteristics of a Manufacturing Job Shop?

The Shop-Floor Process

In a manufacturing job shop the main characteristics are a pre-shop-floor and shop-floor process. The pre-shop-floor process comprises of receiving a request from the customer, which can include quoting on new manufacture or stripping and assessing and quoting the customer. Once the customer has accepted or approved the quote the process then moves to the shop-floor, where stock issuing, manufacture, quality control, invoicing and finally dispatch take place.

Other main characteristics of a manufacturing job shop, is when a job needs machining or manual work to be done the employer requires information such as materials and time spent on the job. This can comprise of artisan rates or machine rates that need to be taken into consideration (Activity Based Costing).

In a manufacturing Job Shop process many customers run manual systems such as manual job cards and excel spreadsheets, which can lead to incorrect quoting, missing items and jobs lost on the shop-floor.

Job Shop

Obstacles Of A Manufacturing Job Shop

Better Planning for you Manufacturing Job Shop

How can we achieve better planning? Moving to a digital environment where you can monitor jobs at a click of a button real-time information will be presented as to where the job is and whats outstanding.

Consistent Quoting

Improving your quoting system, will inevitability improve customer satisfaction. Main reasons for poor quotes – Manual job cards and excel spreadsheets, this method generally susceptible to typos and people generally forgetting line or labour items.


Most Manufacturing Job Shops run manual systems such as excel and when the job is completed, recapturing of the job into an accounting system is required. This process requires double capturing and usually errors happen because of typos or miscommunication. Integrating your shop-floor with your accounting systems allows you to create virtual job cards from the front end system and automatically populates in your accounting software, preventing double capturing and errors from happening.

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