Single Screen Simplicity

Single Screen Simplicity

Start Making Use Of A Single Screen Interface

Many of our Job Shop Manufacturing industries battle with disparate systems from an accounting system, to a quoting system and excel spreadsheets, all separate from each other create a chaotic workflow. Mistakes usually happen from typos to incorrect pricing and double capturing. What could a Single Screen Simplicity do for you?

With Single Screen Simplicity you can have a front-end solution to manage your Job Shop Manufacturing environment. This platform would include accounting, quoting and job costing.

Many Job Shop Manufacturing businesses struggle with tracking of jobs, complex quotes and consistent job costing.

One Screen Solution

What Causes Chaos In Your Job Shop Manufacturing Workshop?

Inconsistent Costing!

Job shop and engineering enterprises experience poor or inconsistent job costing. Many of these weaknesses comprise of manual job cards, excel spreadsheets and double capturing. The anomalies contribute to inconsistent quotes, bad job quality or jobs done incorrectly and typos when capturing information onto the accounting system.

Inconsistent Quoting!

With the use of excel spreadsheets in the job shop, many business owners experience inconsistent quotes from incorrect pricing to lines been left out and the advent of double capturing back into the accounting system, often typos happen which compound the problems of using excel spreadsheets to compile quotes and estimates.

Job Getting Lost on the Shop Floor

With manual job cards and not having a central viewpoint of all outstanding jobs, many jobs get lost on the shop floor and the owner or foreman often go and hunt for jobs physically on the shop floor, which takes time and inherently creates bad customer service experience.

Job Solution

What are the benefits of a Single Screen Simplicity Environment?

With a single solution managing all your requirements you will bring order to your chaotic environment.

Job Visibility

Having a platform to track and manage each and every job, from the job status to all attached documentation linked to the job. You can give real-time feedback to your customers and or suppliers on orders linked to the job.

Consistent Quoting

Having a front-end solution that is able to lookup customers, suppliers, pricing and costs allows you to be confident in creating complex yet consistent quotes every time.

Single Point Repository

Upload all relevant and required documentation, many Job Shop Manufacturing owners struggle with keeping an information pack on each job. Or when a query is raised you have to hunt from office to office for the box that has the job details in it. With a Single Screen Simplicity workspace, you can upload all different types of documentation and have them readily available.

  • Signed Quotes
  • SHEQ Reports
  • Test Certificates
  • QA Reports
  • Signed Invoices and Delivery Notes
  • Damage Reports and Phots

The above documents will be linked to the specific job card and will be available anytime by looking up the job number or customer name.

Even when a job is in history\Archive you will be able to view or add additional documentation and the data will be available forever.

How Can You Make The Change To A Single Screen Simplicity Workspace?

With JobPRO Manufacturing you will get the Single Screen Simplicity workspace, that will cater for job tracking, quoting, job attachments, checklists and more.

Our integration to an approved accounting software means that there will be no need to double capturing work saving you time and money and getting quotes and invoices quicker to your customers.

JobPRO allows for multiple workflows setup the way your business operations work, giving you the confidence to transact with customers knowing quotes and the quality of the job will be top notch.

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