JobPRO Shared Hosted Server Solution

JobPRO Shared Hosted Server Solution

A New Way To Host Your Job Shop Solution At Competitive Pricing!

With the increasing need to be able to work from anywhere, and at any time, it has become critical that your Manufacturing applications enable you to do so. With JobPRO Shared Hosted Server Solution, you are able to do this.

With a JobPRO Shared Hosted Server Solution option you will be able to move your Accounting and JobPRO solution to the cloud at an affordable price. Our costing matrix is user based so only pay for the users they log onto the hosted server.

Benefits of a shared hosted server solution

Work from anywhere – With cloud computing, if you’ve got an internet connection you can be at work with HTML login from your PC to your Tablet. Manage your Job Cards Anywhere and Anytime.

No more IT costs – HAAS is an efficient way of minimising your IT costs as you no longer need hardware to maintain a server.

Shared Hosted Server – With a shared hosted server you can minimise the cost of hosting from as little as R500.00(User Dependent)

Security of your Investment – Hosted server data centre employ the highest security solution to protect your and your IP.

Disaster Recovery Solution – With a disaster recovery plan for your business IT, you hosted server will be safe no matter the disaster.

Shared Hosted Server

Make use of our affordable hosted server solution now! And reap the benefits of using your software in the cloud.

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