Why Manufacturing Operations Need a Great ERP Solution

Why Manufacturing Operations Need a Great ERP Solution

Bolster Your Manufacturing Operation With a ERP Solution

What is an ERP? ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, but what does this mean? This refers to the automation and integration of your manufacturing operations, and the solution is used to optimise your daily operations. So why manufacturing operations need a great ERP solution? The ERP streamlines the flow of your business from core accounting to physical work done on the shop-floor

Many business owners are not getting the most out of their shop floor, from inconsistent quotes via excel to not having real-time information on the status of jobs, generally Business owners or foreman’s are having to hunt for jobs on the shop-floor to acquire what the status is of a particular job.

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The benefits of a ERP solution

From back end accounting to your front end quoting and job visibility tracking, a great ERP solution is meant to improve the way you do things. This entails getting consistent quoting, been able to have live updates of jobs and to have a robust accounting system, so you as the thought leadership are able to make informed decisions on your business’s daily operations.

With a great ERP solution your decision makers can view, control and maintain operations and processes in real-time, they will be able to make informed and snap decisions regarding stock control and supply chain optimisation.

A Powerful Tool

An ERP is very diversifiable with integration into other modules and ISV software such as JobPRO, you can create a powerful tool to grow your business, cut down on expenses and increase cash flow.

With additional modules such as Fixed assets and Job costing you are able to tailor your package which benefits all area’s of your business and more.

A Solution that Saves time and money

A good ERP solution will also save you money as you can reduce your admin and operational costs and ultimately improve customer satisfaction. A ERP gives you a wealth of valuable information and analytics at your finger tips, giving you insight into daily sales and expenditure.

How can we help?

JobPRO is a front end solution, coupled with Sage 200 Evolution you get a solution that will take your manufacturing business into the fourth industrial revolution.

With the JobPRO manufacturing solution, you can rely on consistent quoting, track all jobs and their respective statuses, Consistent costing, buyouts driven by the job and control workflows.

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