Job Shop Manufacturing Process

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What Is A Job Shop?

A Job Shop – Small Manufacturing Systems That Handle Custom Or Bespoke Processes

A job shop is a type of manufacturing process in which it caters for small amounts of make-to-order items. This usually comprises of small fabrication orders, custom designed products and repairs and maintenance jobs. Job Shop Manufacturing Process are characterized by work centre’s, certain workflows, prioritization of jobs and information attached to the job.

Job Shop Manufacturing operations are usually businesses that produce a certain item or product for other businesses to complete their jobs. An example of this can be a cylinder reseller requires a specific type of shaft that needs to be manufactured, they will call and engineering company that specialises in producing that cylinder shaft. Once the that cylinder shaft has been made it can then be added to a cylinder or be sold as is.


Make-to-order items usually require a unique set-up, parts and process flows. Items attached to the job usually consist of stock items, buy outs and labour. Manufacturing Job Shop Characteristics

These make-to-order items generally have many processes it needs to travel through before the job is completed. The two main area’s are pre shop-floor and shop-floor processes. The Shop floor process generally has stripping , machining and inspection work centre’s, while pre shop-floor process comprises of receiving the job and quoting or estimating.


Job Workflows

Job Shop Manufacturing generally has more than one job type or service workflow. An example of this would be a hydraulics company that does counter sales, fabrication of a part, producing kits from different parts, repair and maintenance as well as servicing of hydraulic cylinders.

Prioritization of jobs

Prioritization of jobs

In the manufacturing world jobs have to be prioritized, delivery dates must be determined and tracking of the job as to main an up to date status of the job.

Attached Information

Information Tracking

With Job Shop Manufacturing jobs, it is also extremely important to track information attached to that job. This can consist of damage reports, non-conformance certificates, test certificates and SHEQ documents. Other information may also need to be tracked against the job, such RFQ and PO numbers.

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