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Making On-Site Servicing A Breeze

Service technicians are on the front line of any business, they often interact directly with your customers. As a technician standing in front of a customer, you need to have the support required from the service centre to convey the right information to your customer. Customers need service management solutions to improve their operations.

When you as a field service technician arrive at the customer you need to be aware of any last-minute changes that have been agreed between the customer and the service centre. This helps avoid embarrassing misunderstandings or having to reschedule the visit or not being able to carry out additional work requested by the client.

As the work is progressing a tool is needed that allows the quick and easy capture of actual labour and materials used. The more accurate that list the better the invoicing and customer service experience is going to be. The easier it is to capture that list the more likely field staff are to capture everything accurately.

Ask any field service technician, and they will tell you, arriving at a client site to carry out work with a piece of paper in hand can quickly turn into a client service nightmare. Paper just can’t be kept up to date fast enough. What is needed is a system that allows changes and requirements to be communicated to field service technicians in real-time.

Service Technicians

JobPRO Cloud is a mobile service management solution that field technicians can use onsite so they can see updates they need to see and send back updates that the service centre needs to see. It allows the onsite capture of labour and material used in a job while it is being carried out. JobPRO Cloud allows for customer acceptance and sign-off of completed work for record purposes and to trigger invoicing. The completed work and material lists are then sent through to the service centre and billing department on completion of the work.

JobPRO Cloud allows the company as a whole to;

  • Resolve calls more quickly to the standard the customer requires.
  • Keep customers up to date at every step
  • Increase the productive time on site and reduce the time wasted on changes.
  • Boost employee productivity in the field
  • Create automated recurring appointments for scheduled maintenance customers
  • Assist the onsite team to deliver improved customer service
Servicing Forklifts

JobPRO Cloud brings the necessary real-time visibility and control to the constantly changing world of onsite service and repair. The sophisticated scheduling tool allows planners and schedulers to optimise daily work and to introduce repeating appointments to deal with known service intervals where client’s require scheduled maintenance onsite. When technicians allocate stock to a job while onsite the link back to the ERP system ensure that stock is allocated correctly and provides inventory management with visibility required to manage stock levels.

JobPRO Cloud’s integration of the mobile device into the company’s ERP back office provides a vital link between the field staff and those at the service centre, allowing effective coordination of effort and seamless exchange of necessary information between departments.

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