Business Process Flow And How Technology Can Enforce Your Business Rules

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Business Process Automation

Challenges of Enforcing Business Processes

Nowadays companies are finding it harder to enforce business rules and process-flows, this is especially true of the make-to-order and manufacturing industries.

A lot of processes are manually driven from printed out job cards to excel spread sheets, this form of control inherently comes with its own challenges. Such as documentation going missing, forms not fully completed and typo’s from inputing info into excel spread sheets.

Companies also struggle with enforcing certain business rules, this usually comprises of, staff not following procedures, such as quote authorisations, not receiving purchase orders and not getting relevant internal management approvals.

Many companies in the manufacturing and make-to-order industries also fail to enforce rules when it comes to quoting. Correct pricing is not used, labour costs are omitted and in many cases quotes are not even sent off.

All companies want to utilise their resources, to get maximum profit from each job. This can be extremely difficult as we have discussed earlier in the blog, that their can be many shortfalls in the business process.

Manufacturing in a 4IR World

If a company is going to stay competitive in the 4IR world, then it must look to ways it can improve business rules and processes.

Many companies today have IT infrastructure, but may not utilise it to the maximum potential. A good example of this would be many companies have a pc and printer and connection to the internet plus software such as email and excel.

This setup does not cater for business process automation. Technology is a great way for manufacturing companies to solve challenges they experience in their environment, moving from a manual process to a digital process they has the ability to drive business processes.

The advantage of a digital business process automation is that several important tasks can be performed without requiring manual input. Business rules can be enforced and the correct process flows will be achieved.

Overview of Business Process Automation

Business Process Management

BPM or Business process management software is used to boost profits and productivity as well reduce expenses through an automated business process.

There is a saying

If it is repetitive, then there must be zero errors

Consistent process followed

Business rules achieved

Example of a business process

An enquiry is received, it is then assessed, it then moves onto quoting, from their it is sent to a customer and the business will wait for approval before moving the job into production.

Another process can be work that needs to follow a certain process on the shop floor, for example – a cylinder needs work. It will start at the CNC machine from there it will need to go drilling and may need to go to the shop press for adjustments.

A lot of the time these business processes are not followed correctly due to human intervention., where steps are missed or rules not adhered to

How can you implement Business Process Management in your business?

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With JobPRO Manufacturing from Unisource Software Services, we will help you realise your manufacturing potential. We will be able to understand your business process, identify key challenges you are experiencing and ultimately simplyfy and automate your work-flows and business rules.

With JobPRO Manufacturing we will integrate with your current Enterprise Resource Solution, should it be Sage 200 Evolution, Sage 300 to Syspro, bringing a harmonious environment to your business.

The Advantages of Business Process Automation

What is business process automation (BPA)?

Business process automation is the use of technology to execute recurring tasks or processes in a business where manual effort can be replaced. It is done to minimize costs, increase efficiency, and streamline processes.



Implementing an automated business solution will help your business achieve its desired goals, from improving profitability to reducing costs to improving customer relations.

Now you can be in full control of your business processes.

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