Controlled Workflow: From pre-shop floor to shop-floor process flow

Controlled Workflow with JobPRO Job Shop Scheduling Software

Maintain A Harmonious Workflow On Your Shop floor

Having a Controlled Workflow is becoming ever so critical in this charge climate. Customers are expecting top quality at an expected time frame.

This becomes extremely difficult as many Job Shop Manufacturing companies, experience lack of Controlled Workflow in their operations.

What are the weaknesses in a lack of Controlled Workflow ?

Maintaining a Controlled Workflow can be difficult, especially when your operations are not automated! Many shop manufacturing companies still run the good old fashioned way of manually driving jobs on their shop floor.

From excel developed quoting systems to manually printed job cards. Job Shop Manufacturing companies experience poor control of their work flow, by not employing better systems in their operations.

How to identify poor Controlled Workflow

It has become fact that many Job Shop Manufacturing businesses have weaknesses but have not identified them so, it is assumed that the operations is actually running smoothly. Which in reality it is not.

Quality is not controlled to the utmost importance, delivery times are not meet, internal procedures not followed and customer satisfaction not meet.

Many Job Shop Manufacturing operations don’t even have tools to try identify how they can improve their operations. From not having an audit of some sort to identify weaknesses or critical failures in their operations.

One why you could identify issues in your operations is to do the JobPRO Manufacturing assessment and we will score your operations giving a free overview of where and how we can help you.

Do The Assessment

Once you have identified your weakness and control failures you can then work on a business plan to rectify and improve your Controlled Workflow policies and deliver the best product in the agreed time with staff adhering to all internal rules and procedures.

How can we as a Job Shop Manufacturing enterprise move into a digital and automated operation ?

Automating your Controlled Workflow is very imperative to making your going concern a success in todays world. With Competitors getting the edge over other business with improved and automated processes, it is critical to keep ahead of the pack.

JobPRO Manufacturing

With JobPRO manufacturing you will be able to get your operations into a Controlled Workflow. From your pre-shop-floor process to the actual operations on the shop-floor.

Our software will enforce business rules and is tailor made to accommodate all your requirements, to achieve a well automated operation from start to finish.

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