ERP Secrets You May Not Know

Enterprise Resource Planning

An In-depth Look On How An ERP Solution

Your ERP Is Central To Running Your Business Effectively

An ERP system helps to streamline business processes by automating manual tasks and improving inventory management. Enterprise Resource Planning is a tool to manage your accounting more efficiently and effectively, making sure your debtors and creditors are correct and up to date. An ERP is a great application for real-time data giving your reports on vital departments, such as Sales, Debtors and Inventory. Many ERPs today like Sage Accounting Platforms offer additional modules, that can help you improve other departments processes and reporting, like Manufacturing, Bill Of Materials and Sage Intelligence Reporting.

ERP Solutions give you the ability to track costs and profits, whilst improving inefficiencies, improving your margins and cash-flow.

In todays world ERPs are getting even more powerful, with the ability to integrate with 3rd Party Vendors, companies with niche requirements can now improve in their area of focus, such as a Job Shop Business.

enterprise resource planning

Become A Paperless Environment

With so many benefits of using an ERP to track your business performance, moving your operation into the Fourth Industrial Revolution has many other benefits, one of which is moving your daily operations into a paperless environment. Digitally send invoices and Quotes directly from the ERP application, setup customized visual reports and dashboards and customizable Reports with Sage Intelligence. With an integration partner you can integrate your shop-floor with your accounting system, allowing you to create virtual job cards and track jobs digitally with all information attached to the job card, such as failure reports, test certificates and more.

Get An Accurate View Of Your Activity Based Costing

With A fully Integrated Holistic ERP solution, you can bring many of your departments into one holistic view. Many Manufacturing Owners have asked the question how do I track my jobs, view actuals vs budgets and get an accurate costing of job activities. JobPRO takes the uncertainty of inconsistent quotes, lost information, missing documents and continuous jobs that are overdue, by automating the process and giving the owner full control of their operations.

With an automated process you can track actual times spent on a job allowing the business to quote time more accurately and making more money while growing your customer base.


Full Integration

With a powerful ERP system you can integrate 3rd Party applications to your accounting software, doing this you get a powerful solution that will get your operations into the new revolution(4IR). Many niche operators such as the make-to-order and manufacturing businesses, do not have solutions to cater for their specific requirements. An ERP has a very powerful accounting foundation, but does lack some features that manufacturing businesses require. Where accounting software works well, especially in the back office and reporting, many business owners and foreman’s, struggle with pre-shop floor and shop-floor processes. From consistent costing issues, continuous quality inspection rework and not able to deliver on agreed times, hurts the business from lower orders and expensive rework costs. An ERP solution like Sage 200 Evolution integrated with JobPRO Manufacturing allows the business to take control of their work shop.

Job Costing

With a proper job costing solution you can get consistent and accurate quotes out quickly and easily, you can compare budget vs actual and view profit per job, view job statuses and give feedback quickly to your customers. Manage your documentation in one place, creating a powerful front end solution that permits access to all your jobs and associated information and attached documents, no more hunting for jobs on the shop-floor and having the confidence that all your important documentation is stored digitally to the job and no more lost paperwork.

Sage Business Cloud Payroll Professional


You can integrate your payroll with your accounting system, no more having to do double work in two separate systems. Post directly to your GL accounts in your accounting platform. You can link artisan costs to your payroll and get a true view of activity based costing from your work-shop.

A solution to cater to your specific needs

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