Improve Your Manufacturing Goals

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What are the bad habits keeping you from Success

Here are some bad habits to break to Improve your manufacturing goals

As you know we as people have bad habits, and this is especially true in the make-to-order and manufacturing environment. We have some ideas for you to help break these bad habits and ultimately Improve Your Manufacturing Goals.

Stuck on the manual process

In today’s fast-paced digital age, manual processes can be a significant bottleneck for many businesses. Manual processes refer to any task that requires human intervention, such as filling out forms, data entry, or physical paperwork. While manual processes have been a part of business operations for decades, they can be time-consuming, error-prone, and hinder business efficiency. In this blog, we’ll explore the disadvantages of manual processes and how businesses can transition to more efficient methods.

Disadvantages of Manual Processes – Stopping you to Improve Your Manufacturing Goals

  • Time-Consuming – The manual process is often time consuming and can take up valuable employee time that could be better spent on more critical tasks.
  • Prone to errors – Manual processes are prone to errors, particularly when handling large amounts of data. From typos to broken formula’s in excel.
  • Limited scalability – Manual processes can be challenging to scale, particularly when a business experiences growth. Manual processes can limit the ability to handle increased demand and hinder business expansion.
  • Reduced transparency – Manual processes can reduce transparency within a business, particularly when they involve multiple departments or individuals. Without clear communication and visibility into a process, it can be challenging to track progress and identify issues.

A non-automated shop-floor process

In many manufacturing industries, the shop floor is where the actual production takes place. It is the area where workers use machines, tools, and equipment to transform raw materials into finished products. Traditionally, shop floors have relied on manual processes, which can be time-consuming, inefficient, and prone to errors. These tools consist of paper job cards, sticky notes, excel spreadsheets and white boards.

Inconsistent Costings

With a manual shop floor process that is not automated, the ability to Improve Your Manufacturing Goals are hindered drastically in todays digital age. These tool such as excel and manual job cards are prone to errors, such as broken formula’s, typo’s, wrong pricing and slow estimations. Without a digital tool, meeting your manufacturing goals will be difficult to say the least.

What are the errors that we can look at helping you improve your costings?

Integrated Automated shop-floor solution – A digital software that is integrated into your back office accounting system, offering a holistic solution to help you Improve Your Manufacturing Goals.

This would consist of:

  • Correct and Up to date pricing.
  • Import templates to improve the time of quoting
  • Digital job cards
  • Visual tracking of jobs and its relevant status
  • Seamless integration to your back-office accounting solution – No more duplication of work

Poorly managed warehouse control

Warehouse stock control is a critical aspect of any business that handles physical inventory. The ability to effectively manage and control inventory can be the difference between a profitable and unprofitable operation. Poorly managed warehouse stock control can lead to a wide range of issues that can negatively impact a business.

What are the problems experienced with poorly managed stock control?

  • Inaccurate inventory levels
  • High carrying costs
  • Increased risk of stock outs
  • Reduced productivity
  • Items booked to multiple jobs

Artisans not sure of what is their next task and have to guess.

Artisans often do not know what there next task is, they land up wondering around the shop-floor guessing what to do next. With out the proper tools tracking your artisans deliverables is non existent and work takes much longer to deliver.

With all these bad habits how do we remove these obstacles assisting you in realizing your manufacturing goals?

With a renowned shop-floor manufacturing software. JobPRO will assist your with your manufacturing goals. Eliminating 90% of your bad habits, improving your shop-floor costs improving profit and giving your best customer satisfaction.

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